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Get all your contacts on your device, without having to add them one by one.

Google Contacts Sync can sync all your contacts to your device, whether they are on your Gmail account or on your phone so you can access each contact wherever you are and have them available even when you are offline.

If you have contact groups on your Gmail account, such as Family contact, Friends, Work, or any others, don’t worry about losing them. When you sync the contacts to your Android mobile device, the groups will match the ones on your Gmail in order to make your experience better and easier to get adapted to.

Google Contacts Sync also provides you access to several customisation option, so you can use the app in a number of different ways and as you think suits you best. The app creates a backup for your contacts so if, by any chance, you lose some of your contacts, you can always get them back.

Not only can you sync your Gmail account, but you can also incorporate your Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo and Facebook contacts just to name a few. There are different ways of syncing your contacts, so be sure to get to know their differences and find which one is the best for you by download Google Contacts Sync now!

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